Emergency Fleet Repairs: Handling Breakdowns Effectively

Emergency Fleet Repairs: Handling Breakdowns Effectively

Do you own a fleet of vehicles that you rely on to keep your business going? Some of the businesses that benefit from fleet repair in Philadelphia include construction, HVAC, transportation, engineering, oil and gas, and landscaping enterprises. 


Whether you transport goods or deliver services to your customers, you need a reliable fleet of vehicles to get the job done. When you need emergency repairs, turn to the experts at PJG Services to handle breakdowns effectively and affordably.

Preparing for and Preventing Emergency Repairs

Proper maintenance and stocking vehicles with emergency kits are two winning strategies when it comes to preparing for and preventing emergency repairs. Schedule regular maintenance of your vehicles with the assistance of the accommodating staff at PJG Service Industries. Although you can’t prevent every breakdown, you can keep your fleet in working order with cost-effective maintenance performed by our knowledgeable technicians.


Maintenance is the key to preventing breakdowns from happening in the first place. By scheduling annual maintenance appointments, you can identify problems before they become emergencies. We’ll escalate serious issues so that you can get them fixed before you put your vehicles back on the roadway.


Equip each vehicle with an emergency kit containing tools, spare parts, and safety gear. Here are some essential items to include:


  • Reflective triangles/cones
  • Reflective safety vest
  • Emergency flares
  • Flashlight & extra batteries
  • Pliers, utility knives, screwdrivers, wrench sets, etc.
  • Jumper cables
  • Fix-a-Flat
  • Duct tape


Your drivers should know where to find the emergency kit and receive instructions on when to make repairs or call for assistance. For example, if they feel confident, some drivers can change a flat tire. Others will need help.

What To Do Following a Breakdown

How can you handle breakdowns effectively? It all starts with proper training for your drivers and operators. Unexpected breakdowns can lead to downtime and revenue loss. It’s important to act quickly and confidently when a breakdown happens to minimize damage. Drivers should perform an assessment or call in the appropriate team member to do so.


After determining the severity of the breakdown, you can decide whether to put the vehicle back on the road or request roadside assistance from our repair team. For fast fleet repair services in Philadelphia, partner with PJG Services.


Following the breakdown, it’s important to have an established communication protocol. Make sure that your drivers know who to report the incident to and how to request assistance. Communication with our technicians should include the location, immediate safety concerns, and problem description. This allows us to dispatch the appropriate assistance and prepare for the repair work needed.

Do You Have an Emergency Plan For Your Fleet?

Ensure that your operators have the number of our fleet repair services. We understand how to handle emergencies and will teach your drivers how to get help without compromising their safety. Our services include minor repairs and major overhauls. Sometimes, we can provide roadside assistance that minimizes downtime. To discuss how to keep your fleet operational and ensure prompt emergency services, reach out to one of our knowledgeable staff members today.


Emergency repairs put a dent in your fleet maintenance budget. While unexpected breakdowns can result in unplanned costs, regular maintenance can prevent most major issues. Through regular inspections and getting under the hood of each vehicle in your fleet, we’ll do our best to prevent problems from escalating. Find out more about our customized fleet maintenance plans that reduce the risk of emergency repairs.

Contact A Professional Fleet Maintenance Company

Still wondering how to save money on emergency repairs? Let the experts at PJG Services help you formulate an emergency plan for your drivers! Contact us today to schedule a fleet repair in Bucks County, PA.