Why Prompt Heavy Equipment Repair Is Critical

Why Prompt Heavy Equipment Repair Is Critical

If you’re the owner or manager of a construction or landscaping company, you know how valuable your heavy equipment is. When your equipment needs repair, you’ll need to find a place with the training and experience to fix whatever is wrong. Broken vehicles and equipment can mean lost time, profit, and reputation in landscaping and construction.

The construction industry often needs equipment that can perform many necessary functions. Your company may need to dig, transport, or remove earth from a construction site. You need vehicles that can maneuver around sharp corners and respond quickly to operator control. A trustworthy maintenance repair schedule will help reassure you that all your equipment is ready to be utilized.

Functions of Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment can include compactors intended to level fields by smoothing the ground. Before that can happen, you need to use excavators, which dig up the dirt and vegetation from the construction site. You may want to use a backhoe loader if you’re looking for equipment that performs several functions simultaneously. According to FortisHD, backhoes can scoop up earth in their front loader or backhoe, while the central part of the vehicle acts as a tractor.

If paving is part of your projects, your fleet may consist of an asphalt paver. These machines are invaluable in construction projects and available for jobs requiring paving skills. Pavers often work in tandem with a dump truck that hauls asphalt. Dump trucks frequently serve similar hauling tasks for other assignments.

Using Proactive Maintenance is a Valuable Strategy

In addition to heavy construction equipment repair, we also offer maintenance services. By providing proactive maintenance for your equipment, we can keep your vehicles in working order. We can also ensure your equipment is up-to-date regarding compliance with state registration requirements.

Regular oil changes are routine maintenance tasks your heavy equipment vehicles will need. The components of heavy equipment engines require clean oil to operate safely and efficiently. When your equipment is running efficiently, your company’s uptime can increase. Every vehicle in your fleet that can’t be used could mean a delay in starting or completing a construction job.

Your Equipment Can Improve Your Equity Level

Savvy business managers also know that equipment that runs well can increase your equity in your equipment. If your fleet consists of smoothly running vehicles, you’ll be in a much better place to negotiate a loan – or a favorable interest rate. According to Commercial Credit Group, proper vehicle maintenance can add three to five years to each vehicle’s working life. Considering your investment in each piece of equipment, you’ll want to ensure it stays available.

If you need heavy equipment repair in Montgomery County, PA, we invite you to PJG Service Industries. You bring us everything from skid steerers to excavators and bulldozers. Our facility was founded in 2016 by Philadelphia resident Paul Grevy, whose dedication to customer service extends to every mechanic and staff member on our team. We have the right parts and equipment to get your equipment back to you – and back on the job.

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