How Regular Fleet Washing Can Prolong Vehicle Lifespan

How Regular Fleet Washing Can Prolong Vehicle Lifespan

In the shipping and transportation industry, keeping your fleet in good condition and operating properly is very important. Without a functional fleet, you will not be able to deliver as many products and it could directly impact your bottom line. While many forms of maintenance are necessary to keep your fleet in good condition, washing your fleet and keeping it clean can be among the most important. Regular fleet washing can prolong vehicle lifespan in a variety of ways.

Prevent Rusting and Corrosion

One of the ways that washing your fleet regularly can help extend its lifespan is by preventing corrosion. Your fleet is bound to accumulate salt, dirt, and other debris on the sides, tires, and undercarriage of the vehicle. If this goes untreated, it can then result in corrosion and further wear and tear. This corrosion can then grow and will be difficult to manage. 

Protect Mechanical Components

While a large part of fleet washing will focus on the outside of a vehicle, the interior of the vehicle will be cleaned as well. This includes cleaning all the mechanicals that are under the hood of your truck. If they are not properly cleaned, dirt, grime, oil, and other fluids will build up and harden around the mechanicals. Not only can this be a safety hazard, but it will also cause damage over the years. This could lead to far more expensive repair needs or cause you to replace the fleet sooner than you would otherwise.

Improved Brand Image

One of the challenges with a dirty fleet is that it can impact your brand image. A fleet that is not properly cleaned will start to see its paint wear away over time. For any branded truck, this will include the logo of your vehicle. Not only will this make your brand harder to identify, but a dirty truck could also put your brand in a negative light in the eyes of some consumers.

Improved Fuel Efficiency

Having an efficient fleet is very important for any shipping and transportation company. When you have more efficient vehicles, it will help you reduce costs. You can either take this as additional profit, reinvest in your business, or offer lower rates to customers as a competitive advantage. 

Ongoing Insurance and Regulation Compliance

When it comes to commercial trucks, you are obligated to keep them in a certain condition. If they are not working properly, or need a lot of maintenance and repair, it may be difficult to have them insured, and you could be in violation of various regulations. When receiving professional fleet washing in Maryland, you will benefit by ensuring your vehicles remain in good condition and that you can get all necessary insurance.

If you need fleet washing services in Philadelphia or surrounding areas, give us a call. We offer specialized fleet washing services that can help to ensure your fleet continues to be clean and in good condition for your use for years to come.