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Paul J. Grevy leads PJG Service Industry, a family-run company that has served residential, commercial, and industrial clients in Pennsylvania for years.

To meet the diverse needs of our customers, our experts provide a wide range of property improvement services such as snow removal, fleet maintenance and repair services, cleanout & demolition services, pressure washing services, landscaping and land clearing, commercial and industrial pressure washing services, electrical services, and more.

PJG Service Industry is the best option for all your property maintenance and associated service needs in Pennsylvania because of their years of experience and commitment to providing high-quality services. We take pride in providing first-rate repair and maintenance services to our customers, and we work hard to encourage their continuous growth and development through a number of different types of community service and educational initiatives.

Our professional landscaping and land clearing services ensures that your residential and commercial assets remain new and well-maintained, as well as that they are in proper working order, and that downtime is minimized. So, whether you need snow removal or other property maintenance services, you can rely on PJG Service Industry to complete the project efficiently and on schedule.

Additionally, we also provide professional equipment rental services, so you can get access to the equipment you need without the need for an outright purchase.
So, if you have any property maintenance, heavy equipment service and repair in Pennsylvania or related service requirements, feel free to contact our professionals. Reach out to our specialist at (215) 990-6939 for expert assistance.

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Great company to work with, very professional and communication was always available.

Juan C.

They are very efficient and cost effective

Kyle A.

Our Clients

Full electrical services commercial and residential. Generators

Need generator installation services for your residential or commercial building?
Call our experts at PJG Property Maintenance services for expert assistance.

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