Skid Steer Service Essentials: Maintaining Peak Performance

Skid Steer Service Essentials: Maintaining Peak Performance

For businesses in the construction and demolition industry, access to quality heavy equipment is paramount. One piece of equipment that can help any company get a job done well and faster is a skid steer. This is a versatile piece of heavy equipment that is often used for digging but has other functions as well. While a quality skid steer can last for years, it will require some maintenance over the years. There are several parts of skid steer maintenance to take seriously.

Fluid Checks

One part of maintaining a skid steer that you need to take seriously is regular fluid checks. Similar to any other type of vehicle, a skid steer does require various fluids to operate safely and efficiently. This can include oil, transmission fluid, and other fluids that are designed to regulate temperatures and protect all items under the hood. Depending on your use, you should check the fluids at least once per month, replace them when they are low, and complete a full fluid flush at the schedule recommended by the manufacturer.

Tire Maintenance

A skid steer will also need to have quality tires to ensure it is running the right way. A skid steer may need to drive through heavy mud, rough terrain, and other surfaces. If the tires are not in good condition and properly maintained, it will not be able to do this. You should regularly check the tires of your skid steer to ensure there are not signs of damage. If necessary, make repairs, patch up any small holes, or even replace the tires. Doing this will ensure you can limit downtime and use the skid steer for all the purposes that are intended.

Safety and Efficiency Checks

It is also important that you complete safety and efficiency checks regularly. When working properly, a skid steer can be very productive and safe to use, if the operator is properly trained and licensed. However, if it does not work well, there could be additional safety hazards. It is important to complete all safety and efficiency checks regularly and before each use and to make repairs or improvements when necessary.


While you will want to complete regular checks of a skid steer to ensure it is working well, you also need to keep it clean. A skid steer is bound to have a lot of contact with mud, grime, oil, and other elements. This could cause your skid steer to get quite dirty and could even lead to corrosion and damage to the interior parts. When receiving professional skid steer service in NJ by PJG Services, all of this grime is properly cleaned and cleared away. This ensures your skid steer continues to remain in good condition.

Operator Training

Maybe most importantly, you need to ensure all operators are properly trained. There are complexities that come with running and maintaining a skid steer. With proper training, you can reduce many of these risks. A full training program should include training on how to run the machine, but also identify risks and recommend upgrades.

It is always a good idea that you have your skid steer properly maintained and repaired, when necessary. When you are able to do this, it can help to extend the life of the skid steer and ensure you are able to use it for all intended purposes. When in need of a skid steer mechanic in Delaware and New Jersey, give us a call. We offer all the maintenance and repair services that you need to ensure your skid steer remains in good condition.